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Thunder (Lightning Hopkins book 3)

September 10, 2020

Cover & Title Reveal: Lightning Hopkins book 3: Thunder

Book 3 of the Lightning Hopkins series - and the last book of this cycle for Lightning Hopkins - will be coming out soon. I…

August 25, 2020

A John Black Audiobook!

At long last, John Black has entered a new medium. Now, instead of merely reading his story, you can be immersed in it through the…

June 14, 2020

So What’s the Deal With White Fire?

Over a year ago, I announced that my novel White Fire was done. Well, not done, but written out as a first draft. I then spent…

About the Author

Keith Soares is an American speculative fiction author who has a potentially unhealthy obsession with Godzilla, so it's no coincidence that kaiju have made it into some of his stories. His favorite question to ask when writing is, "How would I respond if that really happened, right now?" If he saw a raving, bloodthirsty shamble, he'd call it a zombie. If he suddenly couldn't be hurt by fire, he'd call that superpowers. If he could harness electricity at will, he'd call that magic.

More than anything, Keith writes stories about family, whether that means the parents that gave birth to you or the friends you've had for years. His characters are fiercely loyal, though they often feel like they aren't up to the job of whatever disaster they're living through. We all feel that way, sometimes.

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