On the John Black Tetralogy

For I Could Lift My Finger and Black Out the Sun is the first of the intended four books of the John Black tetralogy. (Gee, that’s a big word. What’s it mean? Trilogy plus one. Four books. That’s all. It’s sometimes called a Quadrilogy, but that’s what we call a “bullshit word,” i.e. it’s not real.) Where was I?

The entire John Black tetralogy is anticipated to be:

  1. For I Could Lift My Finger and Black Out the Sun
  2. And It Arose from the Deepest Black
  3. On a Black Wind Blows Doom
  4. In the Black Veins of the Earth

John Black might have more to see, say, and do in the future. Time will tell. But this is the current set of novels scheduled.

Why those names?

Let’s back up.

With The Oasis of Filth, I divided the story into three parts. The first dealt with loyalty, and had a blue cover. The second, with fear. A yellow cover. The final book, with anger. A red cover. The covers also featured zero, one, and two people, respectively, which was a nod to the increasing engagement with others throughout the tale.

Now, with John Black, four books. They are elemental. Book one is fire (the Sun). Book two is water (it arose). Book three is air, and four is Earth. The elements are important undercurrents to the story.

But undercurrents and themes don’t matter if the story doesn’t work or no one reads it. I’ve been rejected for major promotions on the first book twice so far, possibly related to its long title. But I’m sticking to my guns. Too many books have one or two word titles these days. I wanted something more chewy, more dense. If it brought to your mind the classic Star Trek episode titles of For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky or Who Mourns for Adonais? then wonderful. This book has little or nothing to do with those shows, but I wanted the title to either grab you and say “you know you want to read this,” or, if not, self-identify as not your cup of tea. That’s fine with me, either way.

The shortest planned title in the John Black series is 6 words. The average title length of the top 20 sci-fi titles on Amazon today is 2.8 words. I’m clearly bucking a trend. Is that a wise thing for a little known author to do? Likely, no. But here we are.

Book 2 is edging ever forward, and I think there will be some fairly significant surprises in store. To borrow a line from Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”

9 thoughts on “On the John Black Tetralogy

  1. Shawn Belton

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the book. Cant wait to see where you take John and the others next. In the meantime, I believe that I will start on some of your other works. Thanks for making me a fan.

  2. Tony

    Big fan of the first book, which I would have skipped right over if not for the awesome tile. I browse e-libraries a lot and this one really stuck out. Needless to say, I was really impressed and I fell in love with the diversity of the “powers” and the opportunity for expansion upon the abilities in the future. I’m looking forward to book 2 and I’m hoping for a possible release date? Thank you for this story, can’t wait for more.

    1. ksoares Post author

      Book 2 is in final editing as I type this and scheduled to come out before the end of this month (June 2016). Hope you enjoy it as much as the first.

      1. Tony

        Thank you so much and I’m absolutely sure I am going to love it! Can’t wait to find out what happens to John and Bobby next!

  3. Addison

    It is now the 1st of July and I can’t fine even a hint of
    And it arose form the deepest black. I want to read it but finding it has proved more difficult than anticipated if you can guide me to the place where I can purchase it or find out anymore information on its updated release date than that would be great

    1. ksoares Post author

      Sorry I have kept you waiting! I literally just posted on my blog that the official release date will be next Wednesday, July 13th. I know this is later than anyone — including me — expected, but it’s only a few days more. The book will appear on my Amazon author page first, so be sure to watch that space: http://www.amazon.com/Keith-Soares/e/B00HMD82NK

      Thanks for your interest in the continuing story of John Black — I hope you like the new novel!

  4. David

    I just finished reading “And it Arose From the Deepest Black” and completely loved it. I was wondering when the scheduled release date is for “On a Black Wind Blows Doom”.

    1. ksoares Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the book! I’ve been making good progress on book 3, but realistically it looks like spring of 2017 for release. I’m about 38% of the way done right now.

      However, if you haven’t already seen it, I did just release a John Black short story, partly to hold people over until the next book. You have to sign up for my email newsletter to get the new short (that’s the only way to get it right now), but don’t worry – I only send about 1 email a month to the list. If you wanted to check it out, see the big banner about the John Black companion book set on my homepage. I hope you’ll check out those free short stories, as I think they help fill in interesting parts of the backstory. Plus, since you just finished book 2, it’s the perfect time. (And did I mention they’re free?)



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