2 thoughts on “The Oasis of Filth – just 99c this week (Sept 26-30, ’16)

  1. Frank Martin

    Oasis of Filth was a really good read. It was a pleasure reading the location details that were dead on. Unlike Robert Kirkland who was wildly inaccurate in his Governor novels. I guess that I’ll be charging up my Amazon card to delve deeper into your writing. What was your connection to the CSRA?

    1. ksoares Post author

      Thanks for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the book! I actually have no connection whatsoever to the CSRA (whether you meant the Central Savannah River Area or the large government contracting company CRSA – I suppose either could be connected to the story…). The rest of the locations in the book are well known to me and took a lot less research. Since you just finished the book, I’m curious what you think of this post of mine from 2014 – http://keithsoares.com/blog/2014/06/23/good-ol-whats-his-name/ I’m still waiting to see if someone can figure out the answer!


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