Elemental - The Complete John Black Series

Elemental: The Complete John Black Series

[This box set includes all four John Black novels, as well as four short stories. The previously unreleased short story “Cloak of Black, Mantle of Sorrow – Holly’s Story” (10,000 words/45 pages) is not available anywhere else.]

My name is John Black and I’m an accidental superhero.

Was it dumb luck or cruel fate that gave me power? I’d love to say it was just chance, but that seems too convenient. All I ever wanted to do was eat pizza and play video games, but the world had other plans. I ended up not just a superhuman but part of a superhuman war, with the destiny of the planet on the line.

They say that a butterfly can flap its wings on the other side of the world and change your fate. Well, there must have been a crapload of butterflies flapping their wings in my case. I would have been happy just hanging out with my girlfriend, but instead, I somehow gained an archnemesis, battled giant monsters, flew through the air, and dove into the deepest caves of the earth.

Through it all, one question kept coming up: Is it worth it? Well, I’ll tell you this. When superpowers and supervillains threaten the lives of your father, your mother, your sister, and your friends, yeah. Yeah, it’s worth it. And though I’d rather be doing a million other things, you can bet I’ll do what’s needed when the time comes.

You can bet I’ll fight.

Book categories: Fantasy and Superhero

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