The Night Is Black, Without A Moon – The Tale of Pip (a John Black short story)

The superhuman known as Red Hope is of course none other than my friend, Phillipa “Pip” Siva. Bobby tried to call the three of us The Triangle Gang or some other sort of ridiculous name, but thankfully that never stuck. We were just three people brought together by shared abilities. Maybe a shared curse.

Pip came from the middle of nowhere, and went through hell long before I ever met her. She loved her parents; she hated her parents. More than anything, she had to get out of the tiny little town that was her home for as far back as she could remember. She just had no idea how to actually do that. But power can change many things. Power can change a life.

This is her tale.

[This is a SHORT STORY of approximately 10,000 words]

Book categories: Fantasy and Superhero

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