The Oasis of Filth – Part 3 – From Blood Reborn

Joining forces with a group of survivors, the doctor finds himself in a new and unexpected role as leader – and possible savior. Can one man live up to this measure, when resources are scarce, life is cheap, and more than 60 years have already passed him by? And if it comes down to one last choice, what’s more important? The blood in his veins, or the people he loves?

Self Publishing Reviews: 5 stars
“The book is a strong finale and pushes its characters to their limit without hesitation. Each chapter is tense yet bleak, but the small victories that come with each crossed bridge and hurdle are drunk in by the weary narrator, and the small glimmer of hope he becomes charged with shines on through each terrifying step.”

IndieReader Approved: 4.5 stars
“A tale of salvation with all too human characters facing the ravages of a pandemic. Coupling their minds with their courage, the small band of sojourners finds their way out of the darkness of impending death to a new beginning for the human race.”

Reader Reviews:

“An addictive, page-turning story”

“I couldn’t put the book down – you’ll see why.”

“A wonderful story. This series grabbed me from the start and wouldn’t let go. When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. The characters in this story were amazing. Strong willed, funny and someone that I would have called friend.”

“My favorite apocalyptic tale. The quality of writing and the story line are superb. I am only sad to say that “From Blood Reborn” is the last of the series.”

“The level of detail and verisimilitude is what keeps this story and its characters riveting. Even though you’re reading about a wild, post-apocalyptic time, the tale remains grounded in reality. That’s what makes it so chilling.”

From Blood Reborn (The Oasis of Filth - Part 3)

Book categories: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, and Science Fiction

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