Twice (Lightning Hopkins book 2)

“It should be easy,” my brother told us. “It’ll probably be fun.” That was before anyone died.

I don’t know why I listened. I never fit in anywhere in my life. Why should this be different? I was born with both wealth and a power called electromagic, though I wish I had none of it. I wish I could find self worth on my own, without everyone deciding how important I am. And I should have known that there would be consequences to what my friends and I did in New York City, exposing the secrets of the people in charge.

So they sent us to Paris, under the pretense of investigating an unusually high birth rate for new electromagicians. What we found instead was something that could threaten the entire structure of the world. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst thing is that I might actually want our world to change.

Book categories: Fantasy and Urban

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