A John Black Audiobook!

UPDATE: For I Could Lift My Finger and Black Out the Sun (John Black book 1) is now available in audiobook on Amazon/Audible for 1 credit.

At long last, John Black has entered a new medium. Now, instead of merely reading his story, you can be immersed in it through the performance of voice actor Jacob McNatt.

The audiobook is rolling out on a whole slew of audiobook sales platforms – 43 to be exact, including (hopefully) all your favorites like Audible, Apple Books, Nook, Chirp, and many others. Not all of them are available as of this writing, so I’m including a list below with all the links I know about.

And you can check it out at the library via Bibliotheca!

Here’s the full list of distributors, with links as known (note that many of these are outside the US or app-based, so I will not be able to post links for those):

  1. 24Symbols
  2. Anyplay
  3. Apple
  4. Audible/Amazon
  5. Audiobooks.com
  6. AudiobooksNow
  7. AudiobooksNZ
  8. Authors-Direct.com
  9. BajaLibros.com
  10. Beek
  11. Bokus Play
  12. BookBeat
  13. Bookmate
  14. Chirp
  15. Downpour
  16. eStories
  17. Fuuze
  18. Google Play
  19. Hibooks
  20. Hummingbird Digital Media
  21. Instaread
  22. Rakuten Kobo
  23. Leamos
  24. Libro.fm
  25. Nextory
  26. Nook
  27. Papaya FM
  28. Scribd
  29. Storytel
  30. Ubook
  31. 3 Leaf Group
  32. Axiell
  33. Baker & Taylor
  34. Bibliotheca
  35. Bidi
  36. Ebsco
  37. Follett
  38. Hoopla
  39. Mlol
  40. Odilo
  41. OverDrive
  42. Perma-Bound
  43. Wheelers