Get Your Own Custom Google Glass For Only About $20!

Google Glass is all the rage in the nerd community, and more so because it is so rare and costly. Seeing someone wearing Google Glass is not only jarringly unique (at least today), but also a huge nerd status symbol.

I’m sure you’ve watched all the exciting demo videos and read the specs. Maybe you even know someone with Google Glass and just want to keep up. Cutting edge technology is tough. Expensive, hard to find, and always a gamble to see if you’re investing in the right new tech. But Google Glass is amazing, so you’ve got to have one, right?

I think I can help.

So maybe you can’t get your hands on Google Glass quite yet? What can you do? Follow these simple steps to get your own CUSTOM Google Glass for only about $20!

Step 1

Get a pair of simple reading glasses. You can get them with or without magnification, if you like. Magnification, I feel, adds an excellent value feature to your CUSTOM Google Glass.

This should cost you only about $19.99, unless you get all fancy, which is your own choice.

Step 2

Get a thin plastic ‘chip clip’ — you know, the thing people use to hold open bags of potato chips closed. I chose yellow, but you are free to use any color you like — express yourself in your choice of color.

This should cost you about 5 cents.

Step 3

Affix your chip clip to your glasses. Here is another personalization option. Are you committed to this long-term? Then go ahead and glue it on. Think this is more of a passing phase? Maybe use tape instead.

Cost: less than 1 cent.

Step 4

Get out there and wear that thing! You will definitely turn heads!

Sure, your CUSTOM Google Glass doesn’t have quite the feature set of the original, in that it doesn’t have GPS, camera, video, voice-enabled functions, or anything remotely computer-like. But, people will think it does! Cost-effective and brilliant!

[I hope it is clear to everyone, including the Google corporation, that this is just a joke. I wish I had a real Google Glass, but I don’t, so I’ll just wear my reading glasses with a chip clip for now. A boy can dream.]