Good Ol’ What’s-His-Name

The question I hear most often regarding The Oasis of Filth series is “What was the doctor’s name?” This is typically followed by “You didn’t give his name, did you?”

Some people question themselves, thinking they must’ve just missed it. But no, it’s true. The dear old doc’s name never appears in the series.

What’s life without a few mysteries, right?

Of course, as soon as I confirm that his name was never given, I’m again asked to reveal his name. Nope, sorry, not going to do it. But maybe I can help you out a little.

If you really, really want to know the doctor’s name, here’s the secret: all the clues are in the books. And yes, there are a number of clues. One clue, I think, is rather overt.

But that’s all I’m saying. Maybe I just took a tiny little irritation and turned it into a burning frustration. If so, I apologize.

Feel free to leave a reply — or better yet, email me at — if you think you know it. Happy reading!