There was a secret giveaway… and Katrina saw it first!

In my latest email newsletter (psst! you can subscribe right on the side of any page of my website), I decided to try a little test. Of course I can tell how many emails get sent, how many get opened, how many people clicks links… but I couldn’t really tell if anyone was actually reading the newsletter.

Were people reading everything I was sending out, all the way to the bottom? To me, this was important. A lot of times, I have several things to talk about, so if I lose newsletter readers along the way, they’ll never see my update on a future novel, or the fact that The Oasis of Filth – The Complete Series was named a finalist for sci fi book of the year at Red City Reviews (it’s true!).

To find out, I dropped a sentence or two at the bottom of my last email newsletter: Simply be the first to respond to the email and I’ll send you a free ebook copy of The Fingers of the Colossus.

And only 8 minutes later, Katrina from Oregon won! So, thanks for reading, Katrina, and I hope you enjoy The Fingers of the Colossus!

But then, a short while later, I got another response, this time from Doris… so I decided to give her a copy of the book as well!

See? It’s that simple. Sign up for my email newsletter. I won’t overload your inbox, and I certainly won’t ever sell or distribute your email address. But I will offer freebies as often as I can. And with my new novel, For I Could Lift My Finger and Black Out the Sun, coming along nicely, new freebies will be coming soon.

Cheers and congrats to Katrina and Doris!