Thunder for Lightning

After a long hiatus, I’ve published another installment of my WattPad novel, STRUCK, and our heroine, Lightning Hopkins, has returned. I really like the short and punchy style of writing for WattPad, even though I apparently don’t adhere to their normal publishing schedules (EVERY DAY! EVERY THIRD MINUTE!).

This novel will be notably shorter than my others, based on the premise and genre, so it’s already more than 40% done. If you’ve read and enjoyed my John Black novels, this story might help fill the gap before the next one comes out. I’m hoping to drop in chapters of STRUCK every so often, even though my main focus remains In the Black Veins of the Earth (John Black book 4).

And wait! I haven’t even posted about Star Wars yet? Ugh, where does the time go? I think I had like 8 straight posts for the last movie. I guess I was worried about spoilers this time around… but that time is fading. Plus there’s so much to talk about with space physics… My daughter thinks I should go to AwesomeCon this year as Last Jedi Luke Skywalker, and I’m seriously considering it. I fit that cosplay costume better than, say, Sailor Moon.

Anyway, for now, check out the new chapter of STRUCK, over on WattPad.