The Dawn of a New Age

My new novel, For I Could Lift My Finger and Black Out the Sun – Part 1: DAWN, has finally arrived. Not on pre-order. Not a cover reveal. A real book. That you can read. Now. Today.

This has been a long road. And honestly, now it suddenly feels real. Not this book in particular, but the whole ‘author’ thing in general. This is novel #2. And I also have a collection of short stories. Good gravy, I have a catalog!

And now it’s official that I have a completely zombie-free offering…

But more importantly, this: Oasis was a finite goal. Black Out the Sun is a start. Oasis, in its core story line, is done (yes, I am still planning to release Cord Wood, a new book in the same world, though you can consider that a new vein). But John Black is just getting started. I already have John Black novel #2 outlined. I feel like I’ve met a new friend, even though it’s one who lives inside my head.

So now the question is: who’s ready for a new journey? The sun’s just peeking through the clouds. It’s the dawn of a new age.

Oh, and please stay alert when crossing the street.


“Sunrise in Constanta,Romania” by Moise Nicu – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons