The Oasis of Filth – The Complete Series is just 99 cents this week

Big sale news! The Oasis of Filth – The Complete Series is now on sale for just 99 cents! That’s 75% off its regular ebook price and the cheapest price Amazon will ever let me make it. So, tell your post-apoc friends to snatch it up while it’s dirt cheap!

And, friends, I’ll be blunt. I’m trying to get as high in the rankings as I can with this sale. I’ve got promotions scheduled in BookBub, Fussy Librarian, eBookSoda, BookSends, BargainBooksy, Pixel of Ink (tentatively), Ereader News Today, It’s Write Now, and AwesomeGang, with a follow on by BKnights afterward. All that in an effort to get people to buy my book for less than usual. Yup. All that.

What do you think? Is Oasis worthy of Top 100 Overall on Amazon? Guess we’ll see.