There Can Be Only One

Tomorrow, I head to London. Not only is this a family vacation, it’s also my first ever science fiction convention… specifically Loncon3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention!

I’ll only actually be able to attend the conference for one day, but plan to hit the exhibition hall, a seminar or two, and the Hugo Awards ceremony — hoping George R. R. Martin and other big names are there.

I may also drop off a few copies of my books for the London market. You know, a little bookstore shenanigans sounds like fun.

After that, we travel around London for a bit, then head up north to Edinburgh, Inverness, and Loch Ness. I’m certain I won’t be able to stop myself from making countless Monty Python, Sean Connery, and Highlander references, including singing ‘Princes of the Universe’ by Queen over and over and over.

So if I don’t make it back, you’ll understand.

After all, there can be only one.