Under Review

To each and every person who has done so, thank you for posting a review of my work. Not all the reviews have been positive — there have been some low marks — but for the most part, I have been floored with how well my books have been treated by reader reviews. There are now more than 70 five-star ratings for OASIS OF FILTH books on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you.


Because that’s pretty much all I’ve got: reviews. I don’t have a huge ad budget, or a PR team, or even an agent. I just have what you all think of the books. So the fact that you like them and that you post reviews saying you like them is… well… incredible.

Every review posted is one more tiny bit of credibility and another reason why the next reader should try my books. Without those reviews, I am sure no one would be noticing my work at all.

So, I’ll say it again.