Amazon Exclusive – starting in March

I’ve been selling books in iTunes, Nook, Kobo and Lulu for many months now. My experiences are my own and not indicative of a larger concern, but in truth, each of these venues has cost me time and effort, and none have provided results.

So, in March, with the release of From Blood Reborn, I will be pulling back to sell on Amazon exclusively. This may seem like a retreat or copout, but actually gives me a lot of exciting marketing options. The same marketing opportunities that got my books read in France, Italy, England, India, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil, and that pushed each book to new levels of exposure for each of the past two months.

I will be replacing Lulu with CreateSpace for printed copies of my books, and since that is an Amazon property, it will mean a nice cohesion between everything I am doing. You’ll be able to get print copies right next to the ebooks.

So, though I apologize to those of you on iTunes or Nook exclusively, the fact remains that you can get a Kindle reader on every device or on your computer, so you can still get the books. I think that, in the end, this will result in more people finding The Oasis of Filth series and other books and will be a welcome simplification.