Done! Plus: Cover reveal for John Black book 4

Four novels, three short stories, 400,000+ words, and three years of my life, but finally…

John Black book 4, In the Black Veins of the Earth, is done.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll see it up on Amazon tomorrow, but it’s made it through version 1. I need to internally revise it, usually twice, then pass it off for full editing (once more, I am thrilled that editor Christopher Durso has taken up the gauntlet!). When all that’s done, there’s another final round of clean up and formatting before the book is ready to be in a store. But, if all goes well, the book should launch next month.

Since I’m still asking you to wait for these remaining steps to be complete, I felt I should give you something now, so here goes. The cover reveal for In the Black Veins of the Earth:

In the Black Veins of the Earth
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When I have an exact date, I’ll post it here and on all the normal social media channels. Until then, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the final novel in the John Black series!